Chapel of Atonement at Normafa in the Buda Hills

Széchenyi István Egyetem Műszaki Tudományi Kar /// Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Széchenyi István University, 2015

This project is a project of faith. It is built on a revelation, its pillars are the faithful and its roof the frmament, and as such, God Himself. Its location and access are disputed, and so is its existence, which is questioned by many. Nevertheless, the movement which nurtures the project and its foundation urging the construction of the chapel exist. The project was made in an attempt to draw attention to this movement, whose principles are the following: the building should not be intrusive and imposing but it should not be made artifcially dull either; being extraordinary is not a virtue. It should be simple, sincere and well made. The chapel and six trees will delineate an area, which will be the church’s space: its ‘antechamber’ will be a meditative space delimited by the six trees, its walls the boundary created by the trees, and the chapel its shrine. “Not doing something may also be difcult.”