Bálint Botzheim

What will the future bring? It seems that technological progress will gain the upper hand: the changes in society are determined at a global level by the changes in technology. Humanity will soon reach a point at which progress slips from under its control. Technological singularity is symbolised at the 2nd National Salon of Architecture by a 3D printer installed in the centre of the hall devoted to the future of architecture. This printer will clone the spaces of the Műcsarnok during the entire period of the exhibition – for now only at the scale of mock-ups. The other burden lumbering modern civilisation is the growth-driven global economic model, conveying the implicit message: what you have is not good enough, not environmentally friendly enough, so replace it with something new. Visitors can see a rubbish-landscape symbolising environmental pollution near the 3D printer; this rubbish-landscape is composed of the negative forms of the cellular structures of the folding screens used at the exhibition.

The young generation creates the link between the present and the future. Young people are experiencing the problems of the present but in twenty or thirty years’ time they will be faced with completely new challenges. The exhibited degree projects and – mainly conceptual – proposals made for international design competitions provide examples for ways of thinking that go beyond stereotypes. Their themes cover a wide spectrum and predominantly address the above outlined symptoms of our age.

110011 – Man and machineAgriagora – Theatre for children in EgerAlgae bioreactorAn algorithmic cathedralCorycianDigital experiments of formsChapel of Atonement at Normafa in the Buda HillsWood pellet plant in FelsőtárkányWolves’ Den – Wolf research centreGenerational prosthesisBorderHouseThe Way of Hot RocksCollective glass house – Japanese co-housingSoul Bath, Subotica (SRB)‘Basin’ restaurant and vegetable gardenMerapi – ritualised tour to an active volcano in IndonesiaDesign laboratory for ocean waste recyclingGate of Pilis training and visitor centreRolling Stones northern light rooms and community buildingThe Castle of SalgóSound Under Ground music centreWind-blow Icon | Conference and community building, RigaSerpentine – Danube Museum and Conference CentreSpace Capsule Renewal of Warsawianka Sports Centre, competition entry