Wine Terrace and Vineyard Spa

Year of inauguration
Eger, Almagyar Érseki Dűlő

One of the fallow slopes of Eger’s ancient wine region is best known for the “Archbishop’s” grape variety that grows here (in what used to be part of the archiepiscopal estate), which is what inspired a local vintner and his associates to create this project. A number of small structures have been built on the slope between the rows of grapevines, including a covered wine terrace with an open-air tasting area, small sleeping huts, a lookout tower, pool and terrace. The scale of the buildings and the materials used are inspired by the local “stilt huts” of mediaeval origin. The thick walls of the built structures were made using recycled local volcanic tuff waste. The doors, the century-old brick and cement tiles and exterior paving, and the other fxtures and fttings, are all made using recycled or reclaimed materials in line with the project’s minimal budget.